Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bunnette Dreams. . .

Do you know what a Bunnette is? Neither did I until a few weeks ago when my friend Liz asked for help making this video. Apparently they are the girls that stand behind the guys eating the hot dogs at the big hot dog eating contest at Coney Island on the 4th of July and count the dogs eaten. There is a contest to be one of these girls. Liz really wants to be one. The funny part- Liz is a vegetarian.

Here is the video

Yes, that is me both eating cheese balls while waiting for a bus and eating 7 (vegitarian) hot dogs. A secret of film making. . . I didn't really eat 7 hot dogs, but I'm still the champ!

I'll let you know when the voting begins so that we can make sure that Liz gets to have her dream of being a Bunnette.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

As the year ends. . .

I thought I was done with this stuff when I finished college. . .

Becomeing a teacher means that once again, the end of may becomes a bitter sweet time of goodbyes and good lucks. The seniors graduating this year are among the best I've ever seen. They are mature and thoughtful and caring and intellegent and all around pretty good kids. So here's to the class of '07. Good luck in college and life beyond.

Okay, enough mushy stuff. Some of the teachers went out for a drink after graduation the other night. My weirdness at drinking with my former teachers (as I now teach at the school I attended not so many years ago) including the principal, has lessened over the past year, but not completely gone away. I remember the first FAC (Friday Afternoon Club) that I went to last year. I had been subbing for about two months and one Friday when I was at West, a few of the teachers asked if I wanted to go out for a beer. I get to the bar and this wave of self doubt washes over me. Even though I am 24 years old and I work with these people ever day as an equal. . . they were my teachers in high school. I mean, can you imagine drinking with your high school principal? Changing roles (from student to teacher) is hard. Convincing the teachers to think of me not as a 17 year old is even harder. I have had to prove myself a lot. This felt a little bit like graduation for me too. I got to wear a robe and walk in with the teachers- the kids even call me Ms. Lipman and I don't mind. Growing up? Something like that.

P.S. It's true- the teachers go out after school and talk about the kids; who we love , who we hate; who we want to throw out the second story window during 7th period. Teachers really are the worst gossips in the world- next to high schoolers that is.

Monday, May 28, 2007

just dance it out. . .

Happy birthday to #3 . . .

I had fun yesterday- kickball in the park, bbq with jello shots and beer pong.

B-day party for my friend Rob- he's the one in the bunny suit. Let me tell you, nothing turns me on quite like a man in a bunny suit playing the cowbell. I was feeling pretty good all day until about half way through Rob's party. All of a sudden I was sad. I know what brought it on, but I didn't want it to get to me. Why should it get to me. Why should I let something like that ruin my good night and fun party. So the answer: dance it out. I was tired and I had a headache. Dance it out. Nothing to do about the situation. Dance it out. I danced until the lights came up and the DJ started packing. Just dance it out.

P.S. check out Rob's bands- Lion Sized and b.diddle

Friday, May 25, 2007

And when I say cave. . . I mean Vulva

This is about when the general public stopped watching because it just didn't make any sense at all.

I don't have any idea what is going on. . . and yet I can't look away. I'm glad that I have a fun group of people to watch with- they make the weirdness funny and I don't really care that I don't understand what's going on because we can hear funny stories about Lenny's grandma learning about tea baggin or Rob talk about the difference between Vegan and Carnivore p*ssy. It's a nice change from some of my other (less raunchy) friends. New friends, new addiction. Yeah. :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"I like you." Why can't I just say that? Why do my words get all tied up and my brain gets stupid and I chicken out like the big fucking stupid shy unconfident loser that I seem to be? So there's this guy. Let's call him "Erik"*. I like him. I have him for some time now. We are friends and I see him on a pretty regular basis. The only time that I have even come close to acting on my feelings was new years this year in which I made out with him at midnight. The only problem was, that it was a big party, I was pretty drunk and I kissed a whole lot of other people too (someday I'll have to tell my grandkids about making out with a boy while in line for the bathroom. . . oh, fun times). When I saw him the next day, he didn't say anything about it and neither did I. It was like it never even happened. There's talking and flirting and that's all great, but at the end of the night it's just "see you later, drive safe." Am I just a complete idiot? No, don't answer that, I already know that I am. Someday I won't be an idiot. Someday I'll say what I feel. Someday.

*names have probably not been changed to protect the innocent

Monday, May 21, 2007

follow that friendship. . .

An update on a developing story:

In May of last year Nichole, my best friend of almost 10 years, moved out of our shared apartment unexpectedly leaving me feeling dazed and confused. She also left me with a bed (that I moved and stored) and no concievable way to pay the rent on my own, forcing me to move back into my parent's house (where I am still living, having decided that saving money on rent was a good thing). I've already talked a bit about this here.

Today I got an e-mail from her. It is almost exactly a year ago that the whole thing went down (she moved out a week and a half after Mother's Day, we had our big blow-out fight about it on May 30.) To sum up the letter, she said that she was thinking about me because my birthday was coming up (two weeks from yesterday) and that she treated me horribly, made mistakes in our friendship and took me for granted. She hopes that I can accept her apology and eventually become friends again.

I don't really know what to think yet. I have been saying all year that I would not make the move. I felt hurt and I wanted her to appologize. So now the ball's in my court, so to speak. I think that I forgive her, but I don't even know what to say to her. I don't know that I want to be friends again and I don't think things can ever go back to the way they were. She says that she misses me. Part of me misses her too, how could I not, after 10 years of friendship. But part of me doesn't miss her. I'll be honest: she is kind of a high maintenence friend. I don't know if I can take her drama right now. I think that I had thought that I had calmed down about this over the past year but maybe I'm still too angry. The one thing I know for sure: I need to do some thinking about what (if anything) I should say to her.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I want to be on a winning team. Just once, I want to be on the championship team. . . the team that makes it to the playoffs. . . the team that wins more than one game a season. It's not really about my team. I love my team. They are great people. They are super nice and super fun to play with. But, sometimes I just want to be on the winning team. In high school, I played soccer all four years. I think we won a couple games when I was a freshmen. During my sophomore year, we didn't even score a goal. All year long. My junior year, I remember the first game that we won. It was a great feeling.

So far this year, we have not won a game. We have actually come pretty close to winning a couple of times. Today was really discouraging. I didn't feel like anyone was really in it. During the game today, I had a few conversations about this issue. One of my friends pointed out that I could join another team; I knew what I was getting in to when I stayed on this team (we only won one game last regular season). True, I knew that they were not the best team in the league, but I felt like we were getting better. In fact, (with the exception of today) we have been playing great, but still just not able to get it together enough for the win. Another friend had a theory: maybe people are not trying as hard as they can because it is easier (mentally) to lose when you don't put all of your heart and soul into it. If you can just make it a joke then it won't hurt so much. I guess I just don't work that way. I'm a really competative person when it comes down to it. But I don't feel like my team is the same. They try, but I don't think that they really want it. I want it. I want to win. I love my team, but just for a moment, I wish I were on the winning team. Is that so wrong?

Score today: Drinkin' 40's- 4 billion, Science for the People-2

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I wish I had someone to stay home with. When I stay in and watch movies or whatever by myself, I just feel like a loser. So I wish I had someone to stay home with. And it would be nice to have someone to snuggle too.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hey there friends. . .

So, I have this great job working with kids. For some reason (I think we may have had one too many margaritas) we decided that it might be a good idea to have a summer camp. Great, execpt that it costs like $10,000 to have a summer camp. That's where you come in.

I'm not expecting big donations. In fact, if each one of my friends gave $20, I would be happy. I know you don't have money (I don't have any either), but seriously this is a good thing. Look at the website. . . you can donate by credit card (and if you are uncomfortable doing that, let me know and I can give you other options). And you can give as little or as much as you like. Thank you in advance.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Hang my curtains . . .

Tonight some of my friends from kickball got together to watch Twin Peaks. We started tonight with the pilot. I was only 8 years old when the series first aired on TV and we were not allowed to watch it in my house. We were also not allowed to watch the Simpsons, Married With Children or just about anything on MTV. Eventually I saw a lot of Simpsons episodes through reruns, I never really wanted to watch Married With Children and I don't feel like I missed too much on MTV in the early '90s. But I have always been a bit curious about Twin Peaks. Not curious enough to go out and rent it, mind you, but curious enough that when Lenny said he was going to do Twin Peaks night at his house, I was pretty excited. So far, we just watched the pilot; we are going to watch two episodes a week until we get all done. So far, a bit strange, but kinda funny in that "did he really just say that" and "what is up with this music" sort of way. I'll let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Club Club

Cooking Club, Scrabble Club, Mah-jong Club, Story Club, Comic Club, LUPEC (Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails), the Gentlemen's Explorer's Club, Thundersneak (now defunct), Kickball. And now introducing Club Club!!

some of my club activities

Message from the Club Club founder:

Hi Everyone!

Get ready for the newest club in town, Club Club! This is by far the way coolest club around and I hope you all can make it! You must be wondering what sort of fun is to be had at the Club Club? It is something you will not want to miss. For our first meeting we will be making clubs. Haven't you always wanted your very own personal club? Clubs are very easy to make.. The only requirement is that one end of a blunt object be slightly more narrow than the other end. This being accomplished you are able to grip it easily with one hand and swing it at stuff. It was suggested the first meeting be held at my woodshop to allow us to easily manufacture our own clubs, but due to the simplicity of making such an item we can meet just about anywhere. If the cavemen did it so can we!

I very much look forward to seeing you all there,
Kagen Schaefer
(founder of Club Club)

If we have enough time left over we can decorate our clubs with markers.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

rain drops keep falling on my car . . .

The only time that I like rain is when I can sit inside somewhere and listen to it. I don’t like getting wet. I especially don’t like water in my face. But if I can sit on the side of the road or in a parking lot and listen to the rain hitting the car and just close me eyes and breathe the rain. . . oh that’s nice. I also enjoy when it rains and I am camping and I can similarly listen to the rain hitting the tent. I do not like if my stuff gets wet inside the tent, but hearing the rain almost makes up for it. Right now I am sitting in my car getting ready to go to an appointment and listening to the rain. In a minute, I will have to get out of my car and run across the parking lot in the rain (and a little bit of hail). In a moment I will be wet and unhappy, but right now I am content.